Tuesday, March 11, 2008

"How well do you have to know someone to help them?"

Being called "The ultimate human connection

"How well do you have to know someone to help them?" the barista challenges.

Short drip coffee was part of Annamarie Ausness's same morning routine ordered from the same Starbucks barista everyday for nearly three years.

Their relationship didn't go beyond the short exchange, until the day Ausness mentioned she was on the kidney transplant list and barista Sandy Andersen decided to get tested.

Weeks later, "over handing her a cup of coffee I grabbed her hand and said, I'm a match. And I want to donate to you," said barista Sandra Andersen.

The women both started crying with a long line of waiting customers wondering what was happening.

"The world just stopped," described Ausness. "It was just her and I for a moment."

"Life's just too short not to live it, you know?" said Andersen. "So, if I can help somebody else do that, it's a good thing."